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Find Your Doctor

Find Your Doctor (FYD) is the first Job-placement agency in Italy dedicated to PhDs who are leaving the Academia to continue their professional path in companies and organizations. The mission of FYD is to outline the value of the research background as an asset for the development of companies and society as a whole. For this reason we started a research project aimed at building SOON, Skills Out Of Narrative, a HR supporting tool able to extract from the text provided by a person telling his/her experience a set of well defined skills, both soft and hard, creating a profile. The final aim of the project is to produce a list of candidates ranked on the basis of the degree of similarity of their profile w.r.t. the profile required for a certain job position or activity.

MMBR: a report-driven approach for the design of multidimensional models

 Nowadays, large organizations and regulated markets are subject to the control activity of external audit associations that require huge amounts of information to be submitted in the form of predefined and rigidly structured reports. Compiling these reports requires one to extract, transform and integrate data from several heterogeneous operational databases.
This task is usually performed by developing a different ad-hoc and complex software for each report. Another solution involves the adoption of a data warehouse and related tools, which are today well-established technologies.
Unfortunately, the data warehousing process is notoriously long and error-prone, therefore it is particularly inefficient when the output of the data warehouse is a limited number of reports.
MMBR is an approach able to generate a multidimensional model starting from the structure of the reports expected as output of the data warehouse.
The approach is able to generate the multidimensional model, and to populate the data warehouse by defining a domain-specific knowledge base.
Even if using semantic information in data warehousing is not new, the novel contribution of our approach is the idea to simplify the design phase of the data warehouse, and make it more efficient, by using a domain specific knowledge base and a report-driven approach.